Watch Out for These Summer Pests

Pests are bothersome year-round, although the type of pest that causes concern changes from one season to the next. This means you must learn what pests to watch out for in order to better protect yourself and home against the threats. During the summer, the following pests are among the most common you’ll see around the home.


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Termites literally eat you out of house and home. The tiny flying insect eats the cellulose out of wood. It is usually after ticks have caused massive damage to the home that the owner discovers them. Schedule inspections annually to prevent termite infestations from ruining your home.


Both inside and outside of the home, ants cause concern. They’re especially bothersome in the kitchen. That’s why keeping the home clean is so important. Even a small bread crumb or spot of leftover pancake syrup can attract an army of ants inside the house.


It’s true that ticks are a problem all year long, but they cause most of their trouble during the summer. Ticks jump onto the victim, attach themselves to the skin, and devour a blood meal. Ticks can spread disease to humans, most notably Lyme disease.


Perhaps the most annoying summer pest that you’ll encounter is the mosquito. It is a set that bits the victim and usually comes in swarms. Like ticks, they carry diseases that can be transmitted to humans. It is in your best interest to schedule professional tick and mosquito control services louisville.

Many pests come out to play during the summer. If they’re not on your guest list, be sure to find pest control service right now and prevent problems before they occur. The pests on the above list are only the start of many pests that can cause trouble this summer.